Company Founders

Lisa Hill

Lisa has been the creative visionary for several businesses, developing the marketing, branding and management operations for both nonprofit and private sector companies. Her skills have the cohesive ability to lead this newly formed company to a rapid rise in a fledgling industry, that of personalized health. Ms. Hill's extensive background in the medical field has been a complimentary adjunct to developing wellness programs in the corporate business arena. Her past corporate positions include CEO, President and Vice President of International companies that market cutting-edge products and services. Her dynamic leadership has taken companies into millions of dollars of revenue while creating a recognizable brand at the same time. Skill at marketing and branding has been instrumental in the overall continued productivity and longevity of each company to which Lisa has contributed her time and talent. Lisa Hill brings vision and enthusiasm to the marketing arm of Personalized Health Innovations, which can change individuals' lives using breakthrough services and tools along with education. With the alliances of her experienced, proven sales force and multimedia marketing team, her company is at the forefront of introducing cutting-edge medical testing in both products and services as well as helping to promote personal safety services using today's technology. Ms. Hill's passion for service has always extended beyond the boardrooms and the positions she has held. Lisa firmly believes that making a difference in the lives of the unfortunate is the responsibility of each of us. Serving on boards and traveling extensively working to reduce global suffering, has made finding ways to help the less fortunate a primary personal goal. As a mother of four, her concentration to the future health and welfare of generations to come is her heart's desire.

John Wiskur

John contributes a varied background from years of sales, marketing and ownership of several companies, all of which will benefit him as he helps to guide the establishment of this innovative company toward rapid growth and success. John's ability to understand the synergistic benefits of marketing and management working together allows him to successfully oversee teams of leaders in both arenas. Mr. Wiskur has built valuable business relationships from his experiences in both the medical/health industries and the agriculture industry. These combined with his goal to leave the planet a better place give him the tools and the passion to educate and construct guidelines for the numerous field representatives as they work hand in hand with these and other industries to bring innovative products to market. Maintaining integrity, and thus transparency, in the advertising of the products PHI has chosen to move into the markets will be part of his responsibility. The sales information and training disseminated will enlighten customers about the ability of these product lines to empower, enrich and possibly save lives.

Ben Kinchlow
VP of Spiritual Wellness Division

Ben Kinchlow is known throughout the world as the long time Co-Host of The 700 Club, and Host of the International Edition of The 700 Club, as seen in more than 80 countries. He also produced and hosted several CBN specials such as ``Straight Talk,`` a daily 30-minute high-energy television show, and co-hosted ``Taking It To The Streets,`` a live daily one-hour radio talk show. Kinchlow served 13 years in the Air Force…was recipient of the American Legion Award of Merit…earned a degree in Business Administration…was named to ``Who's Who in Small Colleges``…later directed a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program at ``Christian Farms`` in Killeen, Texas. He was ordained in the African Methodist Episcopal Church in 1971. Kinchlow founded ``His Place,`` a ministry to teens. He came to CBN where he served as Director of Counseling, with oversight of the National Counseling Centers in major cities across the United States. He joined Pat Robertson as Co-Host of The 700 Club. In addition to his hosting responsibilities, he also served as Vice President for Domestic Ministries, with responsibility for all aspects of the Counseling Centers, including recruiting and training Area Directors and establishing relationships with major churches. Responsibilities included supervision of International Counseling Centers in numerous countries, including Panama, the Philippine Islands, Colombia, and Costa Rica. As Executive Vice President, he had management oversight of the Major Donor Department, Partner Correspondence, Estate Planning Division, Direct Mail, and Partner Seminars. This provided comprehensive experience in many facets of the business and operations of large international ministries. As a member of Phi Theta Kappa, Kinchlow was honored as its ``Most Distinguished Alumnus`` and he graduated from the CEO/Executive Management course at the University of Virginia. After more than 20 years, Kinchlow left CBN to begin independent ministry.

Support Staff

Kathy Syverson
VP of Health, Beauty & Fitness Division

Prior to joining PHI, Kathy spent 20 plus years in sales, management and training in 2 major industries. Her time in direct sales proved beneficial not only for her but for each company she represented as her sales records were consistently in the elite group at the top. Having the ability to effectively train others to mimic her success made her a valued and sought after team member. These skills will be well utilized in her current job managing the PHI marketing in the highly competitive Health and Beauty arena. Years actively working in all phases of the salon/ cosmetic business gave Kathy in depth knowledge on beauty products/procedures, the beauticians who use and sell these products and the customers they attract. As a licensed cosmetology instructor she created many of the related courses she taught and was instrumental in taking this type of 'in demand' instruction to a whole new level. Personal health challenges, and caring for a large family that includes 5 children have cemented Kathy's dedication to searching out the best of the proven best in health and beauty and passing on her findings to all who wish to learn.

Howie Syverson
VP of Automotive/Technology Division

Howie has joined our corporate team as the conduit between the corporation and our American Indian tribes. He is of Ojibwa descent, a member of Fon Du Lac Tribe. After years of jobs such as paperboy, dishwasher, cook, gas station attendant and cashier, Howie joined the U.S. Army infantry with a serious intent on making his life better, which he did. He was honorably discharged with several Letters of Commendation to his name. His service included one year spent on the DMZ in Korea as a team leader. He worked for Ford Motor Plant as a group leader for 20 years and volunteered for 9.5 years as a fireman and EMT with Roseville Fire Department. In addition Howie has an artistic side owning and operating a business as an ElvisTribute Artist for 13 years. Doing musical benefits for causes that touch his heart, while working in sales at North Country Ford, where he has been one of the top sales reps for the past 5 years, are his two current passions. His heritage, sales experience plus lifetime knowledge of our Indian Culture will be definite assets to our team as we move forward. Howie's goal in helping us bridge the gap between our company and our Indian brothers is to spread theword about the benefits of the products and tools that Personalized Health Innovations will be providing to healthcare systems and individuals. He desires to start a foundation for his forgotten heritage to make things better for all and more cohesive between American Indians and other Americans.

Joe Craft, CPA/PFS, CFP
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Joe is involved with managing the finances for PHI, which includes assessing financial risks, planning, reporting and advising management on the best course of action. Prior to working with Personalized Health Innovations, Joe Craft has over 28 years of experience working in various financial management positions, including tax consultant, Certified Public Accountant, and CFO. He is a licensed CPA in the states of Indiana, Kentucky, New Hampshire, Maryland, and Washington, and is a member of the American Institute of CPAs as well as the Indiana Society of CPAs. Mr. Craft holds many other positions including an advisory board member for the Boston Area Real Estate Investors Association, treasurer for Happy Dogs of New England, Inc., an animal welfare organization and was formerly President of The United Way. He has authored and co-authored the books ``Annual Recordkeeping Kit for Small & Home-Based Business`` and ``Home Business Tax Savings Made Easy``, and is a contributing author to the book ``More Build It Big`` published by the Direct Selling Women's Alliance. Joe has a BS in Accounting from Murray State University (1986) where he graduated cum laude. He lives with his wife and three children in Boonville, Indiana.